Why Us ?   
We are different in many ways

Dr. Erion Çerekja understands why most people come to the orthodontist - to have a beautiful, attractive smile. Some dental professionals would have you believe that delivering that amazing smile isn't that difficult, but the reality is that it takes special training, detailed treatment planning and expertise to deliver a smile that is not only beautiful but that also gives each patient attractive facial balance, the ability to age gracefully and a healthy, functioning bite. You'll find that exceptional training and expertise with our doctor.

Dr. Çerekja treats each and every patient like the unique individual they are - with different desires and goals, different teeth, and different facial features. And each treatment he designs is customized to give each patient the most attractive smile possible in an efficient, comfortable and caring way. Dr.Çerekja utilizes modern technology and diagnostic methods to attempt to avoid treatments that involve the removal of permanent teeth or jaw surgery whenever possible.

So just what is our difference? It's the personalized care you deserve delivered in a warm friendly environment. It's cutting-edge technology supported by years of experience and excellent academic education. The IDC difference is why countless children, teens and adults have chosen our office to give them the smile they've always wanted.


You can trust us to communicate with you honestly and openly, giving you our best advice based on current scientific evidence and years of experience. We want you to be comfortable with our treatment recommendations, and we encourage you to ask questions regarding any aspect of your treatment at any time.

Excellent Customer Service

Excellence in treatment alone is not enough. We believe in giving you superior customer service and want your dental experience to be fantastic. From the people we employ to the design of our office, we have made every effort to make you feel welcome and at home. We give our patients the doctors' home phone numbers in case of an after-hours emergency. We do all these things and more to give you the best treatment experience possible.

Individualized Treatment

You can be confident that your treatment is customized just for you. Everyone is different, and our experienced doctor customizes each treatment plan for each patient based on their needs and desires. We practice facially-driven treatment planning to customize each patient's care to maximize their facial and dental esthetics. We also take pride in the relationships that we build with our patients and their families, and we have a great time getting to know our patients over the course of their treatment.

Only the Highest Quality Materials

Excellent treatment demands excellent materials, so we only use the highest quality braces,wires.















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