Root Canals    

Unlike hair and nails, teeth are living structures of the body. For a tooth, life is sustained by a nerve that runs through internal canals. The nerve, also called pulp, brings rich nutrients to the tooth and removes waste. A deep cavity or fracture can damage the pulp and allow infection to set in. When the infection grows, pressure builds, and the tooth begins to ache and throb. In many cases, a dentist will recommend extraction or a root canal to relieve pain and restore health. Left untreated, the infection can spread to cause serious oral and overall health problems. The tooth will not heal naturally.

To save an internally damaged tooth from extraction, Dr. Çerekja may perform a root canal. Modern root canals are comfortable and can often be completed in a single office visit. Dr. Çerekja simply removes the infection and fills the tooth's canals with a manmade material. He completes the procedure, in most cases, by crowning the tooth. If you're concerned about comfort, ask Dr. Çerekja about sedation dentistry.

Our inviting dental office is conveniently located in the center of Tirana city. While most of our patients live in Tirana area we also have patients who travel from greater distances. Call our dental office today to reserve your root canal consultation with Dr. Çerekja, and discover a new reason to smile.
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