Children's Dentistry ( Pedontology )    

As a family dentist, Dr. Çerekja enjoys working with children. Our entire team counts it a privilege to help young patients develop a healthy respect and understanding about personal dental care, so they can enjoy a lifetime of smiles. In most cases, we prefer to see children for a first dental visit by the age of three. If you notice that your child has tooth development problems or decay prior to age three, schedule an appointment immediately. 
A child's first visit is often referred to as a "happy visit." We'll help your little one become familiar and comfortable with the sounds, sights, and surroundings of our office. Dr. Çerekja will take a peek inside your child's mouth, then let you know if he finds an issue that should be addressed. We often recommend supplemental fluoride and dental sealants to ward off tooth decay in children. By age five, children should visit our IDC office every six months for preventive checkups and professional cleanings.

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